5 Smart Strategies To Get Your AdSense Application Approved

Google AdSense Approval Tips

Passing eligibility criteria for Google AdSense account approval has been a challenge for new publishers. If you’ve been one of them, this post is a gem. You can thank us later.

Warning: – Grab a cup of coffee! It’s the detailed guide of 1000+ words. Yet, interesting! Take your time… I’ll wait.

Back with a coffee? Okay…!

There’s a favourite saying in the Digital Marketing industry –

“If you aren’t making money while you are asleep, you will have to work until you die.”

Last, we talked about the secrets of monetizing a blog, where we discussed 7 legit ways to make money online. Of course, Google AdSense is still the leading and most effective way to do so.

Google AdSense can work as your key to enjoy the life you have always dreamed of. And, this should be convincing enough to let you realize how important role AdSense plays to make bloggers earn money. It’s a dream of many bloggers to get Google AdSense approval. Who doesn’t anyway?


There’s something I have to tell you.

When it comes to approving new applications, Google AdSense is really strict. Where it’s a lifeline for so many bloggers, not everyone is fortunate enough to get the approval. It’s not easy, nor is it difficult when you know the basics.

Recently, I got an excessive number of questions about this approval thing. Thus, I decided to write this blog for the newbie bloggers who often face difficulties to get AdSense approval.

Don’t worry! I know that you know what Google AdSense is. That’s the reason you are here. So I’m not going to waste your time by explaining this.

In this blog, I will share some tips you need before applying for Google AdSense program to get the approval.

Let’s cut to the chase!

Why Is It So Popular Than Other Money Making Programs?

Google AdSense is one of the most established and oldest networks that offer ad publishing and work at the PPC system. It has a huge number of satisfied customers and distributors. And, there are so many reasons for this, including the one that – it pays on time, always.

If you do your work rightly, then you can earn bounties, which is another reason why bloggers choose Google AdSense as their primary source of making money. There are countless examples of many bloggers who are making their living out of it.

Therefore, Google AdSense has become the number one choice among all the available networks for today’s bloggers.

The biggest reason behind its popularity among bloggers is its paying rates which are superior to any other network available out there.

A Few Common Myths About Google AdSense Application Approval

  • 6 months of domain age

It has been written and told several times that a domain name has to be at least six months old to get the application approved, which is not a thumb-rule. There are also many examples of the bloggers who have got the approval for their one-month-old domain name.

The thing matters here the most is “The Quality.”

  • 20+ blogs need to be active before applying for the AdSense program

Many of them say that there should be no less than 20 active blogs on the site. But, it’s not the reality. You don’t need to bother with any specific number of blogs on your site before applying for the Google AdSense.

  • Don’t use a hyphen (-) in the domain name

Some people advise not to use a hyphen in domain names, which I have also discussed previously in 13 essential steps to starting a blog. It’s quite a good thing not to use hyphen while choosing a domain name. But, it has nothing to do Google AdSense approval. Even if you have a hyphen in your domain name, you can still get the approval.

  • Not to use .in domains

There’s a myth that .in domain names are very hard to get the approval for Google AdSense. Make it a point that there’s no such restriction.

Never even try to submit the application for the free domains, for example, .cc, .cz, .co, .cc, .ga, .cf, .ml, .tk.

The search engine giant loves and accepts the AdSense application for only TLD (Top Level Domain) extensions such as .com, .in, .org, .net, etc.

  • Don’t Re-Submit the application for some time after getting rejected

Some individuals propose that one should not re-submit the application for some particular timeframe, say a half year and so on. Again, it’s nothing but a myth. It’s about Google AdSense policies.

For instance, if the reason for your application rejection is “The Troublesome Site Navigation,” then you can roll out the proper improvements and then re-submit the application on the very next day. There won’t be any negative impact of doing so.

Aren’t You Making These 4 Mistakes, Just Like Others?

There are certain things which you have to keep an eye on before applying for the AdSense –

  • Turn off the third-party ads on your site before applying for AdSense
  • Never use the same ID, if you already have an AdSense Account
  • Try using different Payee Name and Payee Address on AdSense Account
  • You can’t even think about applying for Google AdSense if you aren’t 18+ in the age

Now, let’s move ahead and know the important basics to get your blog ready for AdSense approval…

Get Your Blog AdSense Ready Before Applying For It

Here comes the exceptional guide for you to get your Google AdSense account approved. According to my experience, there are just 5 important things that can impact the approval and rejection of your account.

To be honest, I never read the Google AdSense Guidelines page. Instead, I focused on the requirements Google needs from a site.

What’s more? This guide about Google AdSense approval is based on my knowledge and experience. So here we go with the guide.

  1. Create High-Quality Content

Content Is The King – It’s the writing proverb that will help you understand this requirement better. This is the #1 thing that anyone who is seeking solutions to get Google AdSense approval needs to do before applying for it. You can’t overlook this at any cost. Else, ready to face the rejection over and over again.

Google loves blogs which can entertain the readers. Also, keep in mind that your application is going to be reviewed by the humans who you have to impress by providing high-quality content.

High-quality content is…

  • Unique and remarkable
  • Free from spelling and grammatical errors
  • With proper headings and bullet points
  • Sufficiently long
  • Informative and to the point

When you have the quality content on your side, everything is possible in your blogging career.

  1. Avoid Prohibited Content

The thing that truly matters the most is the type of content you are publishing. The content related to Health, Education, Finance, News, Technology, etc. are loved by the search engine giant.

On the other, it hates the content that is associated with Porn, Gambling, Download, Free Streaming, Hacking, Illegal Drugs, etc.

  1. Have Sufficient Number Of Posts

Well, there’s no official declaration to have a particular number of posts on a site. But you should have a good number of posts on every page or category of your blog. What I recommend everyone is to have at least 15 to 30 blog posts on the entire site, and that too has to be equally categorized in every page, category, and tag.

The answer is simple. There shouldn’t be any blank page. You are supposed to add content to all the pages and categories on your site. Also, the posts have to pass the minimum length of 600+ words with quality content. The lengthier your posts are, the better are the chances to get Google AdSense approval.

  1. Easy To Navigate Blog Design And Structure

Sure, the first impression of any blog comes with its design. So make sure that you have a nice looking blog that includes a header, footer, sidebar, content area, menu, categories, etc. Google appreciates a clean, fast-loading, responsive, easy to navigate and professional-looking design.

After all, it’s also a good first impression to engage the readers. If people like your blog design, Google will definitely like it.

In short, your website theme should give a great experience to the visitors and the search engine giant.

  1. A Few Must-Have Pages

There are a few important pages which you should have before applying for Google AdSense to get the approval easily, which are About Us, Privacy Policy and Contact Us pages. These pages give the impression that you are a professional expert who is working by Google AdSense policies.

Wrap Up!

If you follow my tips carefully, you are most likely to get your application for Google AdSense approved at the first go. Try to be perfect with all the factors I shared, because anything can kill your chances to get approval, and you will end up with the rejection.

Do let me know your story about Google AdSense approval in the comments. Feel free to ask any question related to the same, and I would love to answer them.

Good Luck and keep hoping for the best!